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The Super Foods.

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I am one of those people that needs facts. I need to educate myself in order to make proper choices for me and my health. With so many supplements and shakes out there I got overwhelmed and turned off to all things smoothie and supplement for a while. That is until Cancer hit. You get an education, and FAST!

One of my first questions to my doctor, when told about the diet I needed to be on because cancer thrives off of "American Food", was "Why isn't everyone told this? Why is it allowed." The answer was simple. "Freedom." Yep, we are in the land of the free. That means you are free to choose to educate yourself, and you are free not to. The FDA is not approving things they think are great for you. They are simply allowing so many thousands of chemicals in items.... in other words... they have determined what wont kill you now, in that one item. They don't tell you what happens when you continue to eat non-food items day in and day out. Where do those items go? Systs, Tumors, Growths... I have said it all before, but you are still here, so that means you are still interested in learning. That my friend is your first step.

So I set forth to educate myself day in and day out. I spent hundreds of dollars a month buying imported peruvian superfoods, concentrate powders, extracts etc.. It broke the bank, but it was what my body needed. I started to really bounce back and get healthy. Today, one year later I am cancer free.

So what did I learn along the way? I was doing it the hard way. Enter Shakeology. Thanks to some awesome advice from my doctor, who couldn't sell it to me because it is a conflict of interest, but she pointed me to it. You see it has EVERYTHING, and I mean everything and then some, I need to keep my body cancer free and help me shed off all the extra pounds that came with Cancer. For those who have had cancer, they know what I mean. Bloating, water weight, pounds from having to lay around for a year. All of it made me feel awful.

I now feel like it is my job to educate those that have not had the cancer battle, or the education that I have had. So sit back and here is why there is not a single other product on the market that compares.

First of all let's talk about cost. Do you have 2 minutes? Please watch to see how there is over $700 in organic superfoods in ONE bag of Shakeology.

Get your Shakeology HERE!

Next, let's break down those ingredients. 

Do I have your attention yet? Can I show you how much it is for some of these ingredients? Now remember there are 70 of them? 

I personally took those pics with my cell phone at my grocery store this week. 
Yikes huh? 

So now you are probably thinking... well what about other shakes? 
Take a second to look at this so you can KNOW WHAT IS IN YOUR SHAKE! 
A lot of shakes cause more harm than good. Ours is ALLLLL good! 
Get your Shakeology HERE!

Shakeology has more than seventy elements, taken from all over the globe, which no other supplemental drinks have.

Shakeology ingredients are the secret behind this nutrient dense shake. The basic nutrient groups, which are inclusive of a number of ultra high quality benefits, include the following:

Protein and Essential Amino Acids:
These ingredients help in building lean muscles and improve body mass while reducing the food cravings.

Digestive Enzymes and Prebiotics:
These ingredients aid in improving digestion, bring regularity, and help in the absorption of nutrients.

Antioxidants and Phytonutrients:
Antioxidants are very effective in counteracting free radical damages in the body that can lead to degenerative diseases

Vitamins and Minerals:
The building blocks of the body, vitamins, and minerals are essential for optimal health and functional body.

Himalayan Salt:
With more than 70 trace minerals, Himalayan salt helps in fighting tooth decay and acne.
Coconut Flower Nectar:

With the addition of coconut flower nectar, you will get plentiful nutrients including amino acids, minerals, vitamins B and C, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium and Prebiotic fiber for strengthening the digestive and the immune system.

The anti-inflammatory property of Moringa and its richness in Vitamin C and A, Calcium, potassium and Iron make your body strong against diseases.

Luo Han Guo:
A product that is 300 times sweeter in taste than sugar but offers many health benefits in comparison, including solution to respiratory ailments, cough control and other health problems.

Check out the Comparison chart below between Shakeology alternatives and see how Shakeology ingredients makes it better than any of its cheaper alternative.
The Final Verdict!
Shakeology meal replacement shake is the ultimate winner of health and fitness supplements.
“You Get What You Pay For”.
Although you can find a number of cheaper alternatives to Shakeology in the stores, but the benefits can never be compromised.

Get your Shakeology HERE!

Enjoy these free recipes! 

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